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Traditional Gold-Embellished Turkish Tea Set

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3,900.00 PHP
100% Made in Turkey

Capacity: 3oz (100ml)

Height: 8.5cm

Top Diameter: 5.7cm

Bottom Diameter: 5.3cm

Material: Both cup and saucer are made with glass and decorated with gold linings. Spoon is made of stainless metal.

Family Set of 6 includes: 6 cups, 6 saucers, and 6 stainless metal spoons

Couple Set of 2 includes: 2 cups, 2 saucers, and 2 stainless metal spoons

Personal Set of 1 includes: 1 cup, 1 saucer, and 1 stainless metal spoon

Washing instructions: Do not put in dishwasher, wash only by hands, with soft sponge and unabrasive dish detergent. As much as possible, do not leave leftover tea for long hours to prevent glass from staining.

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