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Stevia Leaf (All Natural Sweetener)

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• As an all-natural sweetener, stevia is more than just a sugar substitute.
• As a natural diuretic, it helps control blood sugar levels and regulate blood pressure.
• It does not elevate blood sugar levels, and has no effect on blood glucose or insulin response.
• Because of the absence of sugar, stevia is also an effective weight control mechanism.
• Additionally, stevia may help reduce risk of pancreatic cancer.

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Instead of sugar or other artificial sweeteners, use about a pinch of stevia for your cup of beverage (adjust the amount according to your personal preference). It would be best to put the stevia leaves in an infuser and steep into your beverage for NO MORE than 5 minutes. You can also simply put the stevia leaves into your beverage and scoop it out or filter it out within 5 minutes. Leaving the stevia leaves in your beverage for more than 5 minutes will give a bitter aftertaste.