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Red Berries Tea (Caffeine-Free)

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When consumed regularly in ample quantity, the individual or combined ingredients in this tea naturally:

• Boosts immune system -- fights bacteria, prevents common cold and fights flu
• Promotes healthy heart -- lowers cholesterol, regulates blood pressure
• Improves blood sugar levels and insulin response
• Fights bacteria -- prevents dental and urinary tract infections
• Fights signs of aging -- makes skin glow, improves eyesight, improves memory

Havva Brew's Red Berries tea features a fruity, fresh, mild honey with a hint of vanilla flavor profile.

HOT CUP (100C / 212F)

1. Put 3g of tea (or 1 tea bag) in a cup, frenchpress, pot, or infuser
2. Pour 4-6oz (120-180ml) of boiling water
3. Steep for 4-6 minutes
4. Remove the tea bag or filter out the tea

COLD BREW (4C / 40F and below; do not freeze)

1. Put 6-7g of tea in a container with tight cap (ideally glass or ceramic)
2. Pour 8oz (240ml) of room-temperature distilled water
3. Put inside the refrigerator (4C/40F), steep for 12-24 hours
4. Filter out the tea

This tea can be considered high tea, and can be taken hot or cold.
This tea mix can be blended with milk, flowers, herbs (e.g., basil), or other kinds of fruit/juices.
To get the optimum health benefits of this tea mix, drink 2-3 cups daily, either on full or empty stomach.

NOTE : 1 tea bag contains about 3g of this tea mix.

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