Orginal Cooperative Anzer Honey
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Orginal Cooperative Anzer Honey

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Anzer honey is among the delicacies unique to Turkey, with huge health benefits, However, Anzer honey is very hard to find. There are even years when honey produced on the Anzer Plateau never comes out. 


Anzer Honey Rize’s İkizdere in Turkey Ballıköy Anza Springs’ is manufactured and having a partner does not have precedents wildflowers covering flora in the world, made in research 450-500 varieties in flowers, 80-90 one of them endemic flowers alone Anzor Ballıköy are also trained and The world-famous Anzer Ballıköyü Anzer flower honey is the healing of honey from flowers and bees.

Honey production in Anzer Plateau With the first week of June, taking the first step to spring and greenery with snowdrops in partially snowy regions, Anzer takes its amazing beauty in June and completes it in July, and completes it in August.

Depending on the climatic conditions in the Anzer Plateau, honey is taken from the hives in the first or second week of August, called soaking (harvesting).

The amount of honey production varies depending on the weather conditions and early mowing of the meadows. There have been years in the Anzer Plateau where Anzer honey was scarce or even absent.


Anzer Honey is the most expensive honey in the world and famous with its curative powers. It contains the highest valuable ingredients coming from 500 different plant varieties in Anzer Plateau. (80 of these different flowers are endemic and only grows on the plateau Anzer - Rize - Black Sea Region Turkey) We can illustrate the power of the Anzer honey with an example, Anzer honey has the highest content C vitamins, 25.44 mg per 1g, while other honey range from 0.5 to 6.5 mg per 100 g. For example, Chesnut (Castanea sativa) honey has 3.1 to 8.9 mg per 1 g. (more about the Vitamin content of honey).


It can be used by people who are engaged in sports such as swimming, mountaineering, athletics, basketball, football, weightlifting, and cycling, especially because it is top quality, natural food.

It is good for pain and pain.
It heals mouth sores.
It destroys tonsillitis.
It regulates your immune system and makes you feel energetic.
It prevents intestinal irregularities. In this way, it provides the work of your metabolism, prevents constipation.
It energizes, makes you feel good.
It is good for infectious diseases such as asthma and cough.
It prevents diseases that will arise from a lack of vitamins.


Adults: Twice a day in the morning and evening take one tablespoon on an empty stomach at least one hour before your meal.
Minors: Twice a day in the morning and evening take one dessert spoon on an empty stomach at least one hour before your meal.
Infants: Twice a day in the morning and evening take one teaspoon on an empty stomach at least one hour before your meal.


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