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New Beginnings Bundle

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4,610.00 PHP

Price: P3,500 for the three tea bundle, save P1,110!

Havva Brew's new promo is designed for your mind and body's rejuvenation, renewal, and restoration.

Whether you're at home and trying to relax, or at a place of worship and trying to reconnect - this bundle is sure to help soothe your mind and heart by giving you the healthiest and delicious option!

Relaxing Infusion Tea, Tropical Fruit Tea, and our Jasmine Tea Balls provide the perfect combination to relax on a hot summer day, as well as to maintain your skin and heart health!

This promo only lasts from April 17, 2019 to April 22, 2019. Avail now while the promo lasts and save P1,110!

Teas Included:
1. Relaxing Infusion - 350g
2.Tropical Fruit Tea - 500g
3. Jasmine Tea Balls - 5 pieces

Relaxing Infusion - Fruity, Floral, and Tart.
Tropical Fruit Tea - Fruity and Refreshing.
Jasmine Tea Balls - Fruity, and Floral.