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La Colombiana Cafe: Brew It Yourself Single-Serve Pour-Over

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255.00 PHP

100% Premium Colombian Coffee

ORIGIN: Salgar, Antioquia, Colombia

ALTITUDE: 1,600 - 1,800 meters

VARIETY: Castillo

BEAN SIZE: Supremo 17+

ROAST: Medium to dark/Espresso


Bittersweet with tones of cocoa, apricot, and raisin.
Full bodied, rounder, earthy.
Mild lemony acidity with creamy caramel finish.




1. BOX OF 5 FILTERS -- You get 5 pieces in an acrylic box. Each piece is contained in a foil sachet for optimum freshness. 

2. PACK OF 10 FILTERS -- You get 10 pieces in a ziplock resealable bag for optimum freshness.

Each piece contains 10g of ground coffee, good for 1 cup (8oz)


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