Juniperus Drupacea (Andız) Molasses Ginger Paste (Akc) 430g
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Juniperus Drupacea (Andız) Molasses Ginger Paste (Akc) 430g

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Juniperus Drupacea  (Andız) molasses is obtained from the cones of the plant named andız, which is a pine species mostly seen in the Mediterranean Region in our country. Andizum cones that mature in October-November are the size of an average hazelnut and are in high demand due to their richness in essential oils.

This molasses, which is made from cones obtained from the andiz tree, which is frequently found in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, especially around the Taurus Mountains, draws attention with its bitter, bitter taste.

Ginger Powder

It is the most well-known plant in the world and used for multi-purposes by many cultures. Ginger, carefully selected under the assurance of Arifoğlu, is ground with the latest technology, powdered in the most appropriate consistency, and packaged in a sterile manner, untouched by human hands.

It is offered to the consumption of our valued customers. Good luck healing.

Usage: You can consume 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening.