Arifoglu Organic Carob Molasses 480g
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Arifoglu Organic Carob Molasses 480g

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Carob Molasses is prepared according to Arifoğlu methods without applying high heat treatment of the carob fruit grown in the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions.
In accordance with the relevant laws and advertising regulations of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, no promotion is made regarding nutritional support products by specifying the indication and the name of the disease. Our products are not pharmaceuticals, but herbal nutritional supplements. For more detailed information you can call us.
It is produced by condensing carob (carob) must, obtained by cold pressing method, in a vacuum system.

Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) or carob is an evergreen shrub or tree form that belongs to the legumes (Fabaceae) family, grows naturally in places where the Mediterranean climate prevails and its fruits are eaten.

Ingredients: Organic Carob Molasses