Arifoğlu, Organic Chestnut Honey, 450g
Arifoğlu, Organic Chestnut Honey, 450g
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Arifoğlu, Organic Chestnut Honey, 450g

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Arifoğlu, Organic Chestnut Honey, 450g 

1. Stomach
The stomach is an organ that can be easily affected by anything that is eaten and drunk. While some foods cause discomfort to your stomach, some of them can relax your stomach. It is said that chestnut honey has the ability to soothe the stomach. You can observe it by consuming 1 spoon a day.

2. Immune system
Chestnut honey has the ability to strengthen the immune system because it is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, minerals and iron.

3.Strengthening the muscles
Its rich vitamin content is also effective in strengthening the muscles.

4. sore throat
Consuming 1 spoonful of honey with warm water alleviates your complaints such as cough and sore throat.

5. Digestion
When chestnut honey is dissolved in warm water, it supports the regular and balanced functioning of the intestines.

6. Burn wounds
If the mixture made with chestnut honey is regularly applied to the wound areas remaining after the medical burn treatment is over, it is beneficial in terms of not leaving any scars. This is a common method, especially in the Black Sea region.

7.Respiratory infections
Respiratory infection is common, especially in the winter months. If the person is frequently affected by this infection, he / she may consume chestnut honey regularly every day and benefit.

8.Dry cough
Dry cough is a condition that disturbs the person a lot. In case of dry cough, it gives a relief effect in regular chestnut honey consumption.

9. Local application to the painful area
If there is a painful area, a mixture of 1 tablespoon of organic chestnut honey and powdered cinnamon can be applied by massaging the painful area.

10. Skin Beauty
Thanks to its antioxidant content, it supports cell regeneration. Therefore, its consumption affects your skin beauty positively.