Tea Tradition




To say that Turkish people love to drink tea is an understatement. For Turkish people, drinking tea or çay (pronounced chai)--primarily black tea--is an integral part of their life. From sunrise until wayyyyy beyond sundown, in any kind of weather (even during 40-degree summer days!), and everywhere from the most posh restaurant to the smallest local snack shop along the side of the roads, you will see Turks of all ages, gender, and social status enjoying their most-beloved tea in these tulip-shaped transparent glasses.

Some say that Turkish tea cups are shaped like tulips because it is a national symbol of Turkey, and possibly became a tradition from the Tulip Era of the Ottoman Empire. 
Fun Fact: Did you know that tulips orginated from Turkey and were only brought to Holland in the 16th century?

Actually there is a more tea-fan-tastic reason for the shape of Turkish tea cups. First of all, the shape of the cup makes it easy to hold even when it is boiling hot and prevents the glass from slipping out of your hands. Secondly, unlike regular glasses and cups in which hot liquids cool evenly, hot tea in these tulip-shaped cups get cooler first on top while the bottom part remains hot.
Aside from the shape, authentic Turkish tea cups are always see-through. Why? So the drinker can assess the strength of the brew!

All of our Turkish tea cups, saucers, and spoons are 100% made in Turkey--you cannot get more authentic than that! We have carefully chosen only the finest quality in both design and craftsmanship to make sure that you can enjoy your teas for many years, not just by yourself but with family and friends!