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Mother's Tea

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        When consumed regularly in ample quantity, the individual or combined ingredients in this tea naturally:

• Stimulates production of milk in breastfeeding mothers
• Helps in treating anemia
• Lowers blood glucose levels -- helps the pancreas make or release more insulin
• Boosts kidney, urinary and prostate health --promotes healthy urination, flushes harmful bacteria from urinary tract, helps men with BPH or enlarged prostate glands, prevents kidney stones
• Reduces inflammation (anti-inflammatory) -- relieves pain and sore muscles especially from arthritis/osteoarthritis, helps treat allergy symptoms
• Calms and soothes -- relieves tension and anxiety; aids in treating insomnia
• Strengthens bones and immune system
• Promotes digestive health

The rich combination of spices gives this tea mix a wide spectrum of flavors-- fruity-floral, earthy, herbaceous, nutty and piney, with a subtle lemony flavor and cooling sensation in the mouth.

It is ideal to drink this tea mix 2-3 times a day, after meals or with meals.

Best taken as a warm drink.

HOT CUP (100C / 212F)

1. Put 3g of tea (or 1 tea bag) in a cup, frenchpress, pot, or infuser
2. Pour 4-6oz (120-180ml) of boiling water
3. Steep for 4-6 minutes
4. Remove the tea bag or filter out the tea

This tea can be considered high tea, but is best taken hot.
You should not mix this tea with milk, but it can be blended with other kinds of flowers, herbs, spices, and fruits.
To get the optimum health benefits of this tea, drink 1-2 cups per day, ideally on full stomach.
You can drink this tea at any time.

NOTE : 1 tea bag contains about 3g of this tea.