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Chamomile Tea (Caffeine-Free)

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When consumed regularly in ample quantity, the individual or combined ingredients in this tea naturally:

• Calms and relaxes--improves sleep; aids in treating insomnia, nervousness, and depression; relieves stress and anxiety; helps relieve migraine and headaches
• Helps relieve menstrual pain and menopausal symptoms
• Aids in lowering blood sugar levels
• Helps treat various gastrointestinal problems like flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, anorexia, motion sickness, nausea and vomiting
• Promotes digestive health -- prevents stomach ulcers, reduces acidity in the stomach, inhibits the growth of bacteria in the stomach
• Anti-aging -- lightens skin tone, tightens pores, gives skin a glow, minimizes wrinkles
• Boosts immune system -- prevents common cold and fights flu
• May help prevent certain types of cancer such as breast, digestive tract, skin, prostate, uterus, and thyroid

Havva Brew's Chamomile Tea features a floral flavor profile.

HOT CUP (100C / 212F)

1. Put 2g of tea (or 1 tea bag) in a cup, frenchpress, pot, or infuser
2. Pour 4-6oz (120-180ml) of boiling water
3. Steep for 4-6 minutes
4. Remove the tea bag or filter out the tea

This tea can be considered high tea, but is best taken hot.
Because of the relaxing properties of this tea, it is best taken in late afternoons or evening before going to sleep.
You should not mix this tea with milk, but it can be blended with other kinds of flowers, herbs, spices, and fruits.
To get the optimum health benefits of this tea, drink 1-2 cups per day, ideally on a full stomach.

NOTE : 1 tea bag contains about 2g of this tea.