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Warmth, Love, and a Cup of Turkish Tea

Posted by Havva Brew Sales Support on


Valentine’s is coming up fast, and maybe you need a new way of saying I love you. Flowers and chocolates might do the trick, but have you ever thought of a new way to say I love you? Something that screams, “I welcome you into my life.”

The Turks do this job best. How do they say “Welcome!” or even “I care for you” without even uttering the words?

The answer is simple. Loose-leaf Turkish Tea.

Loose-leaf teas are one of the finest tea leaves you can find on the planet. From the fields of the eastern regions to virtually every part of Turkey, its fertile lands and unique climate boast the finest tea leaves one can find in the entire world.

Considered a way of life in Turkish culture, tea drinking in the country has blossomed into one of its defining characteristics embedded in the nation’s daily lives. Like its hospitable, kind, and loving people the Turkish Black Tea, known locally as Çay is often served piping hot as a sign for the nation’s warm welcome, friendship, hospitality, and love throughout the country – served anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

Their traditional full-flavored and strong black tea is the staple for many. Many of the Turks say Black Tea is the only way to drink tea! But throughout time, it has transformed to accommodate other palates, eventually developing tea tourism. Çay became an experience to many as it arguably became inseparable from Turkish culture; in fact, it became a way to experience the culture of Turkey. The beverage evolved into other robust and equally flavorsome teas and infusions such as elma çayı or apple herbal tea, kuşburnu çayı or rosehip herbal tea, and ıhlamur çayı and linden flower tea.

Unbeknownst to many, the rich Turkish fields also yielded a multitude of different types of flowers, seeds, and plants, which led to an idea, a revolutionary one in fact. Turkish Tea is also consumed for its many health benefits, however, combining it with other healthy ingredients made the tea a stronger superbeverage that aimed to help people be healthier and happier through an exquisite and luxurious cup of tea.

An indulgently healthy way to welcome a person into your life, from the Turkish fields, straight to your cups – this is the only way to enjoy tea. The healthiest and finest loose-leaf teas and infusions is certainly, in many ways, a need to sustain a balanced diet and to ensure that the mind and body are flourishing and thriving – just like the relationship that you want to build, a flourishing and thriving one.

Nothing says, “I exquisitely yearn for your tender love and care” and “I welcome you into my life” like a collection of healthy and exquisite teas. So, prepare them that warm cup of love and care. Experience the authentic way to welcome someone into your life this Valentine’s with Havva Brew and you may just find that special someone to stay with you for a lifetime.


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