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Top 5 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Havva Brew Sales Support on


Single this year? What better way to spend the day of love than to love yourself?

5. Go on a self-date 


Dates can be hard to plan with two people: our schedules are incompatible, your tastes may not align… But when you go out with yourself, it’s basically hassle-free! 

You know what you love, so just do it! Take yourself to your favorite restaurant, watch your favorite movies, and spoil yourself with a great time. 


4. Do a homemade spa day


Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely, right? Spend the day in quiet relaxation by creating your own special spa day. 

Light up some candles, slip into a nice warm bath with your favorite bath bombs or put on your best face mask, and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature (or your favorite Taylor Swift song, we don’t judge). 


3. Go off the grid


    Take a deep breath and let go of your gadgets for just a few hours. Ignore the initial sep-anx you may feel and break free from social media and phones for a day. 

     Instead of scrolling through your feed, flip through some pages of an old book. Instead of ordering another fast food meal, make your own favorite dish. Do something else to take your mind off of the stress and worries of everyday life. 


    2. Try something new, maybe something bold


      Who says you need other people to go on an adventure? Make some great memories by trying something you’ve never tried before on your own! 

       Some options include: hiking, ghost-hunting, bungee jumping, skydiving, or even just pottery-making. As long as you 


      1. Throw yourself a tea party

        Settle down and grab a cup or two of any of Havva Brew luxury, Turkish teas and infusions that catch your fancy.

        Each and every one of these delicious drinks was formulated with utmost care to help ensure that you can live longer, happier, and healthier life doing the things you love and being the great person you were meant to be.


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