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Top 5 Surprising and Thoughtful Gifts You Can Get Your Special Someone This Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Havva Brew Sales Support on

Tired of the same old presents every year? Here’s a list of interesting gifts your partner doesn’t expect! 

5. A Personalized Constellation

Photo credit: Amy Evenson

What better way to mark a special day than to have a glimpse of the beautiful, profound galaxy on that exact date?

This personalized constellation uses computer software to plot star charts from your specific date and then custom illustrates that night's sky.


4. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

 Never know what to do for your dates? This cute and interactive poster gives you and your significant other 100 different ways to spend time together. 

 You can try something new or revisit some old favorites, and then simply scratch it off the list!


3. Personalized Vinyl Record 

Photo credit: Jeff Davis

Every couple has at least one special song. Why not make it even more special by making it into a hand-made, golden vinyl record wall art? 

This upcycled piece not only has a personalized sticker with you and your significant other’s names but can hold up to five songs that make your hearts sing.


2. Framed Keepsakes 


Pictures are a great way to keep valuable memories alive but what if you wanted more than that? This frame helps you keep all the other treasures you have from special dates or moments with your loved ones.


1. Havva Brew Lifestyle Teas and Infusions 

What better gift is there than to give than the gift of health and happiness? You can do just that with these Turkish luxury teas and infusions!

Each and every one of these delicious drinks were formulated with utmost care to help ensure that you and your favorite person can live longer, happier, and healthier lives together.


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